Electronics and plastic

Most plastic in electronics are made of PC (Polycarbonate) or ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). These plastics are made to withstand all of the wear, tear, and temperature changes that electronics experience over the course of their lifetime. These plastics make great electronics, but they are also difficult to recycle. While we are very hopeful that the use of recycled plastic will increase as we combat climate change, currently recycling ABS and PC is not as easy as recycling other components of electronics. When thinking about where you will recycle your electronics, make sure you chose a company that is partnered with a plastic recycling company.

LCD, LED screens

Currently, it is difficult and expensive to recycle the screens used in modern TVs. It is important as consumers and avid recyclers that we continue to push the electronics industry to develop and manufacture products that utilize recycled screens. As a company, we are currently storing our screens until we find a recycling partner that is interested and able to recycle these screens. Due to these recycling difficulties and our desire to keep screens out of landfills, we charge for TVs based on screen size.


UN report: Global environment outlook

This is a link to the most recent report released by the United Nations on our environmental outlook. We believe that we can only do good if we understand what good needs to be done. We encourage you to read the report and discover for yourself why we are so passionate about helping clean up electronic waste.